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WinterSeasonal Wisdom

“Winter Wisdom, Seasonal foods and Practices”

Winter is a time of seasonal decay, death and rebirth. We witness the trees losing their leaves, the slowed growth that cold weather brings, the animals hibernating, the shorter days and the longer nights. The Stillness and Silence can either bring comfort or chaos, depending on how we approach them. All that once was is no longer and the need to create a sanctuary for rest becomes paramount. Winter provides a time for us to sit with all that arises, witnessing, experiencing, and embodying the inward journey of The Self. The journey of entering the Darkness to bring forth the Light.

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher” William Wordsworth

Physically: Winter has an affinity to Water and the Kidney systems. The Kidneys govern our fertility, hormones, our instincts, our ancestral energy, our constitution, our life force energy and our will to live. If we have been living in a state of constant fear and survival mindset, or unable to yield to the changes necessary in Winter, our kidney energies will need extra care. Our two greatest physical needs in Winter are to stay warm, by keeping kidneys, feet, ears and neck covered. And to preserve our vital life force energy by replenishing our bodies with rest and spiritual practices, restoring our minds with meditation and stillness and revitalising our organs by eating warming slow cooked foods. Early nights and the art of non-doing are imperative to support our Kidneys to reboot.

“Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom” Francis Bacon

Emotionally: Winter is a time for introspection and honouring the complex, overlapping layers within our human makeup. Winter is governed by the Water element and symbolically Water provides a vehicle to reflect the unconscious aspects of our psyche. All that has been hidden, unresolved, or feared begins to reveal itself to us, as an opportunity to heal the wounded aspects of ourselves. When we consciously embark on this journey, witnessing all that is within us, we find not only our deepest fears but our greatest strengths: our Soul wisdom, our Will and our Courage. These powerful attributes assist us to bring forth our Wisdom and our Light, illuminating the resilience of our Psyche and Soul.

“When one stays in the darkness long enough, one begins to see” C.G. Jung

Spiritually: Winter is a powerful time for embarking deeper on our spiritual journey. Exploring the metaphoric death of things coming to an end in order to be reborn a new. By giving ourselves permission to surrender to this, Winter becomes a cathartic space of transcendence and healing. The rare seasonal opportunity to Stop and embrace the gifts of contemplation, rest and restoration can provide the solace needed in order to let go of control, trusting the Divine wisdom inherent within each of us, merging with a Higher Knowing, God, or Divinity.

“If you wish to know the Divine, feel the wind on your face and warmth on your hand” Eido Tai Shimano Roshi

Food principles and types of food to support the Kidneys: Slow cooked meals; casseroles, bone broths, beef broths, vegetable & bean stews, warm hearty soups & stews, hotpots, baked foods, borch soup w shitake mushroom & kidney beans, chicken noodle soup, whole grains, roasted foods, marrow stews, congee, porridge w cinnamon & cardamom, warm beverages, cinnamon & ginger tea, chicory root, gingseng, black & white sesame seeds, tahini, adzuki beans, black soybeans, black beans, kidney beans, broad beans, black fungus, fennel bulb, celery, alfalfa sprout, naturally salty foods, kombu, hijike, arame, miso, tamari, anchovies, gomasio, chestnuts, kohlrabi, millet, wild rice, black rice, oats, barley, quinoa, raspberries, blackberries, cranberry, cherry, warming spices; cinnamon; cloves; nutmeg; cardamom; peppercorns; fenugreek seeds; anise seeds; fennel seeds; dried ginger; rosemary; marjoram; basil; dill seeds;, lamb, bee pollen, royal jelly, oysters, abalone, lobster, crayfish, trout, mussels, fish, eel, liver, osso bucco, lamb shanks, beef, chicken, duck, animal organs, blue/green algae: chlorella, clarified butter, eggs, almond milk, nettles, almonds, walnuts, pistachio nuts, poppy seeds, artichoke, goats/sheeps milk, goats/sheeps cheese, raw cow milk

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